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Welcome to Phoenixliterary! Cynthia Rouse is a former model and acclaimed actor who has appeared on stage, television and screen. Phoenixliterary is an independent writer and publisher who has been creating and selling unique content since 2004. Actually, my first book came out in 1996 and was sold throughout the BORDERS bookstore chain. I took my second book online in 2004 and I have been selling content ever since. I added originalcyn film about 5 years ago and I offer originalcyn film to returning readers and clients. Originalcyn films are spicy film vignettes made to order, or made as a monologue, to entertain and amuse my readers.  Cynthia delivers in person to every client who requests this service. It is so much fun to meet my readers in person and I enjoy this aspect of phoenixliterary very much. To see a sample of originalcyn film please go to www.youtube.com/cynthiarouse 


I hope you choose to order from phoenixliterary. I think you will be most pleasantly surprised! "Phoenixliterary is where the custom client rules!"


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Please see my web store for this rare 1/2 price sale! Phoenixliterary is where the custom client rules! Take advantage of the price cut and get the same great content, updated and discrete to your inbox. Any questions, contact me through the site~~

Thank you readers and viewers! My work has been viewed in 50 States and 110 countries all over the world. I appreciate every single client, every viewer and every reader. Rock On!