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                 Lyric Verse

Lucre, Bamboozled, Manchurian Heist, Rock On, Genocide, Burnt


Way up here 
Air so clear 
Sky so blue 
Cloud so pretty
No city this tight 
Just right for a dream
Ahhh...hot scene

What's your pleasure 
To live or leisure 
I like to rock it 
I never knock it 
Some like to roll 
So much soul 

Fresh for color
There's no other 
Light and dance 
Take a chance

 I like to rock it 
 Keep it real 
 Games a deal 
 Life's a steal 
 If you can play 
 The world will 
 Sway with you 
 What you do? 
 Come on and rock it 
 Don't ever knock it 
 Feel the beat 
 sweet with heat

 Such the treat 
 If you true enough to deal it
 I'm blue enough to feel it 
 All night long 
 Dig the song 
 Grab this light 
 Soul take flight 
 Only time 
 Don't let this 
 Fine day/slip away
 What you say? 

 We love to rock it 
 don't ever knock it 
 till you try 
 sexy sky 
 moon don't lie
 I like to rock it
 tick and tock it
 play it right  
 One more night
 love taps the light
 To rock so right

 I like to rock it 
 So let it roll.... 
 right through your soul 
 And rock it tight 
 All night, 
 yes quite; 
 We rock it right!

Manchurian Heist

strangelove baby
be all the rage
till one or the other
gets loosed from its cage
gilded baby
such a deadly mess
world go boom
on its party dress
coup be coming
world be flaming
better take it to ground
cause nobody
makes it this time
so stand down
when you see us coming

get on your


cause we never say

pretty please

then hit the deck fuckers/while we take this bank/or it's kiss of death/by the bomb/and the tank

Strangelove baby

be all the rage

Till one or the other

sticks you

In a cage

Star/crossed idol

such a lethal mess

plan goes boom

on its silky dress

world be flaming

better take this to ground


nobody makes it

this time around

So get down......

Gen O Cide (Opening to Bamboozled)

candy land dream/becoming for thee/


to a fare thee/ne'er do well/it's not so swell/in the crushing real/politic/of bomb and rock/blood and bone/sticks and stone/where words mean nothing/but more pain and ash/crime for cash/never ending/greed cedes need/reason is the first casualty/but never the last/the past littered with the life of the hero/serving evil true/still standing/in front of you/by the sleight of this con/we shall move on


Lucre is/as lucre does

Cause the way of this world

Ain't fair

No care for thee

To see


evil is as evil does/cause the way of this/world/ain't fair/

no trust

just lust/for gold/stone cold/greed in the

lead chair/

we don't care 'bout thee/in our marble palace of silk and glass/

for zombie death/we know what's best for us/is you/in a cage of dark lies/

no way out or in/sealed by sin

Pretty is/as pretty does

for the way of our world

ain't fair

Our care

uses to ruin

across time

As every line

Of trust

Stained with lies

circles pain

that pulls us under....

For power is/as power does

To be thus

is to be strung/in the maze of lies

No way out/or in 

Sealed by sin....

Lucre is as lucre does

Pretty is as pretty does

Power is as nothing was

Cause the way of this 


Ain't fair

No care

for thee

To be

No way out

Or in

Sealed by Sin


Hey/you suckers

Can't  U  see

There ain't no one

To sanctify me

Rock on


can U see


the fog of denial

the truth we all hail

is nothing

but lies 

whose broad coin

and bright screens lit

the dark


o'er the bunkers we watched

men so ruthlessly scheme/ing

hey say can U see

through the poison denial

the cloth still hold o'er the


and the duped and

the true that be brave

hey you gullers it's so sad

but what can I say

ya'll done

been had

rock on/while you can

cause there ain't no prophet in peace

rock on/if you can

no more money in peace

rock on take a stand

cause the man left nothing

but bones for you to rise on

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